Is Owning the Golden State Better than Owning Gold?

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If you watch any regular broadcast or cable television programming – and with so much video streaming today that’s becoming less common – you can’t avoid the commercials touting gold as an investment. Further, if you’re a serious viewer of cable TV reality programming you may have one of the gold mining shows on your “to-watch” or “to – DVR” list.

These programs and ads are interesting when considered together. You see, the reason gold has had value over the centuries is due to its scarcity. Yet the miners we watch on TV shows prove that people are quite successful finding more gold virtually every day, so this brings us to the basic truth about investment and value I want to make:

They’re making more gold, but they aren’t making any more Golden State.

Depending on your financial position and what you think the economy will do in the short, medium and longer terms would influence whether gold or other precious metals are something you should consider buying. However, I don’t think I’m exaggerating at all when I say that far more people have gained their wealth and assured their future financial security by purchasing Golden State property.

Ownership is a wealth creator

California real estate ownership is the foundation for many “rags-to-riches” stories. It has long been a path that families have taken to join the middle class, upper middle class and wealthiest group of citizens in our economy. Further, it lasts. Property ownership blesses future generations through inheritance.

If you have received discouraging news from a conventional lender regarding the purchase of California real estate, please don’t give up. At Evoque Lending we’re experts at getting people into their first homes, second homes and investment properties when the banks say “No.”

We have been arranging First Trust Deeds in the Golden State for more than 15 years. Over those years we have helped hundreds of clients buy Los Angeles real estate, Orange County real estate and San Francisco area real estate after having been turned down by a conventional lender.

We know something that I suspect you understand as well. Although they aren’t making any more real estate in California, the number of people who want to own property here continues to grow, and considering the beauty, climate and economy of our state, it should continue that way. When you’re investing for the long term or trying to get into your first “starter” home, I believe you’ll find that California property ownership is always a smart place to have your money.

Credit rating not important

Our team doesn’t think something as arbitrary as a number on a credit report should disqualify you from owning the property you’re looking at. The professionals at Evoque Lending aren’t concerned about your credit rating. The things that are important to us are the same things that are important to you:

Your ability to make your payments, and

The value of the property you would like to buy or refinance.

When those two “puzzle pieces” are in place, we are usually able to help our clients get the First Trust Deeds they need. We can answer those questions fast, usually within 24 hours. Further, Evoque Lending can fund your loan within seven to 10 days. After having been strung out by conventional lenders for weeks, our clients really appreciate our ability to move the process along so quickly.

If you’ve been turned down by a bank or conventional lender – or know someone who has – please give me a call or send me an email. That way we can answer all your questions and get the process moving. You’ve already been waiting too long.