Setting the Standard

A Brief Overview of the CFP Board’s New Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct Effective October 1, 2019, CFP…

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All Hard Money Lenders Care About Is Equity

There is a huge misunderstanding by clients when they call thinking they can get a hard money loan just because…

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Cannabis Lending: Marijuana Loans for the Hard Money Broker

Do you remember when your parents said your love of marijuana would get you a first-class ticket on the road…

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Investing… As Old As Money Itself

US investors have many options today when they are deciding where to put their money. If you turn on the…

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Putting The Home Loan Pieces Together

There aren’t too many endeavors in life where totally opposite strategies can be equally as sound. But consider these two approaches…

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The Value of Hard Money

In both the investing and real estate worlds we talk a lot about assets. Usually it’s pretty easy to attach a dollar…

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How To Grow Money

Have you ever had a nightmare where you discover one day that everything you believed to be true turns out…

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There’s Safety in Hard Money

We live in an age where we take a lot of things for granted. When we plug in an appliance,…

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