Get Off the Winding Road and Head Straight to a Great ROI

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Scanning the business section of USA Today recently, I was reminded of San Francisco’s Lombard Street. There’s a section of it that is affectionately known as “the crookedest street in the world.”

If you drive down it – along with the hundreds of other tourists that navigate it every day of the year – you’ll find yourself heading north for a few yards before you suddenly change directions and end up pointing south.

The software giant

“So how do the business pages of USA Today mirror Lombard Street?” you ask. Fair question. Here’s how: One morning a headline read, “Microsoft’s 2nd-Quarter Report Card Encouraging.” The next morning I was greeted by this headline, “Is Microsoft’s Comeback Over?”

That’s within 24 hours!

If you held stock in Microsoft, you would have gone to bed feeling pretty good about your investment one day just to wake up the next morning and start doubting your financial wisdom. This illustrates one of the major differences between holding stocks and investing in First Trust Deeds at Evoque Lending.

Right now our investors go to bed knowing that their money is earning a double-digit return and when they wake up the next day, it’s continuing along at that same pace. It’s a “straight line” to financial gain, not a road that jumps up and down or veers right and left.

Watch your blood pressure!

Granted, this may not be as exciting as watching the price of your stocks whipsaw every time the dollar strengthens or weakens in currency markets, or China’s rate of economic growth tapers off, but I’ve found that when it comes to our financial futures, the excitement of uncertainty is not an attractive attribute.

What is attractive is getting an excellent rate of return via investment instruments that have good “fire walls” of security built into them, such as First Trust Deeds at Evoque Lending. Let me say a couple of things the level of security they require.

The fundamentals

There are two things that make loaning money secure: The value of the collateral and the ability of the borrower to make payments. At Evoque Lending we are very careful about giving our investors some 40 percent of protective equity in every First Trust Deed we write. We work with the best experienced appraisers in the area so we are confident “the numbers” are correct.

We also do a thorough job vetting potential borrowers to make sure that they have the income to consistently meet their financial obligations. When the property value and qualified borrowers are there, it gives our investors the confidence and peace of mind they need.

Experience matters

The professionals at Evoque Lending are extremely experienced in making loans on Los Angeles real estate, Orange County real estate and property in the San Francisco area. Further, because of our 15-plus years in the business we’re able to handle virtually everything in house, so we are extremely efficient.

And as you survey your financial future, we can dial in terms that fit perfectly into your plans, whether you want investments that mature sooner or extend for somewhat longer terms. In addition, if you think First Trust Deeds could be great in your retirement portfolio, that can be arranged as well. With April 15 looming ahead, it’s time to be giving serious thought to your IRAs and other retirement accounts.

Let me end this by inviting you to give us a call or drop me an email. I’m sure you have many questions and we would be privileged to answer them for you.