Savvy investors always know how their portfolios are performing. They constantly balance the risk with which they are comfortable with the rate of return they desire.

These are the reasons why many successful investors over the last 20 years have teamed up with Evoque Lending to help achieve their goals. Our business model gives investors the information, control and yields they need to be comfortable and increase the return on their investment portfolios.

One of the main points I want to make in this short article is how investors new to this strategy can determine exactly the level of involvement that works for them at any point in time. When you’re new to investing in first trust deeds, it makes sense that you would want to judge the amount of your investment accordingly.

No minimums

At Evoque Lending, we don’t have any minimum investment amount, so if you want to start out with a smaller investment to see how it works and explore its benefits for your overall financial needs, we can custom tailor your investment. Then, as your comfort level grows, you can ramp up to any level that works for you.

We have a long history of working with first time investors and in our experience, it doesn’t take long for the understanding and comfort to grow, and there are several reasons for this.

Along with no minimum amount, you can also dial in the term of your investment. Typically, we fund three-month to 84-month loans; there has to be some term in that range that will work out for you. And of course, as your situation changes you can adjust your portfolio to meet your needs. Flexibility is always a good thing when investing.

Complete information

Of course, a major attribute we offer the investors who work with us is control at the front end of the process. Investors at Evoque Lending get all the information they need about the loan they are funding before they commit. “Transparency” seems to be a buzz word right now and it’s something we’ve been giving our investors since we opened our doors. You’ll always have all the data and background you need to make an informed investment decision.

And when you start to review all the information before you invest, you’ll find that we never give you a first trust deed to consider where the loan to value exceeds 60 percent. Further, you’ll see that we always ensure a solid “exit strategy” in every loan we fund. This helps give you the assurance you need to know that your payoff will happen as planned.

Get in touch

I hope I’ve covered some of the basics here and given you the information you need to take the next step, which is to give us a call so we can discuss some specifics with you. We can let you know exactly where our double-digit interest rates are today and that will help you see how your investment portfolio will benefit.

So pick up your phone or drop us an email today, we always enjoy introducing ourselves and our business to new investors.