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“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

I suppose few of you know who David Brinkley was. He was a newsman and together with Chet Huntley was a pioneer in the world of nightly, national news broadcasts. They were active when Walter Cronkite was probably the biggest name in television journalism.

And with the history lesson over, let’s look at what Brinkley was saying. He was talking about overcoming adversity. We like that theme here at Evoque Lending because we’re essentially in the business of helping people overcome adversity. We also like that quote because the imagery he’s using is about home construction and we’re in the business of helping people acquire homes too.

Turning setbacks into success

To breakdown the message here just a little further, Brinkley was saying that the highest level of success is when you can take a situation that looks hopeless, one where others have said you’d fail, and turn it into a victory. Even more, he’s pointing out how sweet it is to use those setbacks as the actual inspiration or driving force to go on to success.

We’re fortunate in our business to often work with individuals and families who have been told to give up on their property ownership dreams by a conventional lender but who refuse to throw in the towel. Many times all they want is to be able to make the purchase, buy a little more time and then talk to the conventional lenders again.

Moving fast for you

We’re able to quickly evaluate these situations and give prospective buyers the information they need. If you’ve been around real estate for a while, you know that properties that are great values usually sell very quickly and that’s why our clients really appreciate how fast we can get everything done.

In fact, from the time we see you and take care of your application, to closing, can be as little as seven to 10 days. We have an expert staff and handle just about everything in house. We don’t sit around waiting for the “home office” to process some paperwork.

We are the home office.

As you learn more about our 1st Trust Deeds, you’ll see that we can give you a lot of flexibility with regards to the term. We can make it short, if that serves your purposes, or stretch it out over a longer period of time.

Helping in many situation

We also do refinancing and investment property purchases. No matter what you need right now, if you’ve run into a problem with a conventional lender, we need to talk.

Finally, whether your property has the brick foundation David Brinkley referred to, or is made of strong timbers, Evoque Lending is ready to help you out. And beyond this purchase, we hope that getting you into the property you’re looking at will help put you and your family into a position for increased financial success in the coming years.

I invite you and even urge you to give us a call or outline your situation in an email. With that information, we can give you a good idea of where you stand and what we should do next.