Why Standing Behind Financial Advice is Important

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Question: Would you eat in a restaurant if the owner wouldn’t eat there?

You probably wouldn’t, and neither would I. It seems obvious that when restaurant owners don’t have the courage to eat in their own establishments, there must be something wrong. Further, I don’t think what I’m laying out here is rocket science – I would say that it’s just common sense.

Why, then, I ask you, do so many investors allow themselves to be guided by financial advisors who don’t take their own investment advice?

I was listening to a financial story on the radio the other day and they reported a statistic that I’ve heard cited before: Half of all investment advisors don’t buy the investments they recommend to their clients. I suppose there are, in some cases, good reasons for this, but nonetheless it should cause some concern among investors.

Backing hard money loans

In the world of California hard money investing and California real estate, the story is different. At firms like Evoque Lending, you’ll find that we are dedicated to and deeply involved in the industry that we serve. When you look into our history, you’ll see that we have been in the hard money loan business in Los Angeles and other areas of California for more than 15 years. We practice what we preach.

Of course, if you are considering investing in California First Trust deeds, I wouldn’t expect this fact alone to convince you. You would want to know more about how we do business. This information is also critical to potential borrowers because that group needs to know that it’s working with a solid business. So let me quickly cover the basics.

Our hard money loans on Los Angles real estate and other properties throughout California (including Orange County and the San Francisco Area) are generally shorter term – although they can stretch out a bit – and the payments are interest only. This helps borrowers and currently gives investors a regular and reliable double-digit return on their funds.

Providing much-needed help

We are set up to help good borrowers who have run into a problem at a conventional lender for any number of reasons. It could be an old blemish on a credit report, for example. These borrowers generally need to find a fast solution to their problem or they stand to lose an opportunity in real estate.

We have developed an efficient system to give borrowers an answer within 24 hours and get their money to them in seven to 10 days. This same system gives our investors all the information they require to make sound investment decisions. The critical elements of hard money loan approvals are:

– Sufficient borrower equity in the property – typically about 40 percent, and

– The borrower’s proven financial ability to make payments and demonstrate history of having the right attitude to meet ongoing commitments.

Engaging with dedication

When you sit down with one of the professionals at Evoque Lending – whether you’re an investor or a potential borrower – you know you’re dealing with a person who is dedicated to this industry, i.e. someone who is willing to take his or her own advice. That delivers a level of confidence that you just can’t have with many other so-called financial professionals.

(By the way, have you ever wondered about the investment advisors who make thousands of dollars each month selling their newsletters? If their advice was so good, why would they hassle with creating and selling the newsletters? Wouldn’t they just take their own investment advice to get rich?)

Have more questions? Give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll be glad to fill you in on all the details and address how hard money loans/investments via California First Trust deeds can work in your specific situation.