The Value of Hard Money

In both the investing and real estate worlds we talk a lot about assets. Usually it’s pretty easy to attach a dollar figure to those assets and those numbers in turn fit neatly into the cells of an Excel spreadsheet.

The most important asset we have in our lives, however, isn’t so easily plugged into cut and dry math calculations. I’m talking about our time.

I don’t think I’m wrong to say that time, in fact, is our most precious asset. The assets that use dollar figures to measure can go up and down through the years. In a similar way, the quantity of those assets that we own can increase or decrease.

The amount of time that we “own” to do the things we want to do in life only goes down. And, if we stop and think about it, that causes its value to constantly increase.

I make this point in order to encourage you to consider the real value of your time. Frankly, that’s an exercise that too few of us ever do for ourselves, but if you take a few moments to consider the value of your time, you will begin to invest it more wisely.

Portfolio watching

When you listen to investment analysts, they stress the importance of constantly monitoring your portfolio. A huge industry has popped up in recent years around online analysis charts and systems that try to help us predict how various markets – stocks, bonds, currency, metals, and commodities – will perform. I know people who spend several hours each day studying these charts.

One of the attributes I appreciate the most about investing in First Trust Deeds is the ability to hold the investment without having to monitor its performance day in and day out. Not only does the investment yield a double-digit return, it also returns a huge amount of your time, when compared with other popular investments.

Consider this for a moment: If you’re spending time each week (maybe even every day) monitoring investments, a First Trust Deed from Evoque Lending can return those hours to you, which you can then invest back into your life however you please.

You can use the time to do what you do best in your business or perhaps you will get the biggest “return” on those hours by spending more time with your family, or pursuing your passion. And while we’ve put the label “double digit” on the monetary return you’ll enjoy with a First Trust Deed, how can we put a price tag on the time you will get back?

Assuring your safety

Of course, you need to do your “due diligence” before investing in First Trust Deeds, so let me hit some high points here. First, Evoque Lending has been in this business for Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco area real estate for more than 15 years. We have a proven track record.

Further, there are two essential elements to providing you with the safety you need. The first is the value of the property in relationship to the size of the First Trust Deed. We typically provide our investors with loan to value ratios of 60 percent. Next, we make certain that borrowers are financially able to make monthly payments. When those two critical elements are in place, investors get the level of safety they require.

As I said, the details I’ve outlined above just answer the two most critical points in successful First Trust Deed investing. If you’re interested, I’m certain you have many more questions. Give me a call or drop me an email so I can share additional information with you.