You have to love the way investment analysts use the word “correction” to describe a sudden precipitous fall in stock prices. First, I supposed they don’t like using phrases like “the bottom fell out of the market today” or similar words that more accurately describe what has actually happened.

But I think there’s a point to make that’s even more important than that. The way I see it, the only analysts who have the right to use the term “correction” when describing a broad and deep sell off, are those analysts who have been saying that the stock market is over priced, because at least they saw that most investors were “wrong” and needed “correcting.”

I put all the other investors in the “wrong” category and wow were they all wrong recently. As you may know, an October “correction” essentially took a year’s worth of stock market gains off the balance sheets. All of the Dow’s gains for 2014 were wiped out in the second week of October and the S&P 500 experienced its worst week in two years.

In light of that news, wouldn’t it be great to own an investment that doesn’t get “corrected”? Imagine a steady double-digit along unchanged for as much as 84 months.

This is what our Evoque Lending First Trust Deed investors are enjoying today. I often read that as people approach retirement age, they need to protect their investments from the wild mood swings of the stock market, but I’ve discovered something else in my years at Evoque Lending: Investors both young and old appreciate being able to depend on a steady, predictable, safe and generous return on their money. Let’s look briefly at each of those four attributes of investing in Evoque Lending First Trust Deeds.

Steady. The way our investments are structured, you receive a regular monthly check for the interest on the loan you have funded. You can plow this back into another investment or take advantage of its purchasing power. investors depending on their specific circumstances.

Predictable. You “lock in” your rate of return when you fund a First Trust Deed. Your monthly income from the loan will be the same at the end of the loan period as it was at at the beginning. Stock prices go up and down and even stocks known for paying dividends can change.

Safe. Evoque Lending specializes in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco area real estate. We know the markets. We work with the most professional appraisers.

The value of the property on which you are granting a First Trust Deed is the ultimate guarantor of your safety. You always have at least 35 percent protective equity. Further, the professionals at Evoque Lending have more than 15 years of experience qualifying borrowers. You have all the information you need when you decide to fund a loan. Also, the final decision is always yours.

Generous. As I said above, our investors are getting double-digit returns on their money right now. If you have researched any other investment vehicle that delivers a steady stream of income, you know that this is excellent – and it really beats out any index funds so far this year!

We work with many savvy investors who refuse to put their portfolios in the hands of an “expert” who can’t tell you when a “correction” is coming. These investors take charge of their money to ensure their financial futures. If you would like to see how First Trust Deeds on California real estate can enhance your investment strategy, give us a call or drop us an email today.