Think Peer-to-peer is a new business model? Consider Hard Money Loans in California…

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I’ve noticed some interesting things about ideas. Often the old ideas are the best ideas and occasionally old ideas are made new again.

If you follow business and technology, you know that over the last couple of years the business model that seems to be catching everyone’s imagination goes under the label of “peer-to-peer.”

Let’s take Airbnb to illustrate this. Airbnb is basically a service that connects people who have lodging to offer to people who need lodging. Uber and Lyft do the same thing with people who have transportation to offer and people who need transportation.

Hard money loan history

This seems like a bright new shiny idea, but it’s really as old as commerce itself. More specifically, it’s really what we’ve been doing at Evoque Lending for well over 15 years. We provide a California hard money loan service that connects people who have money to invest through making real estate loans to people who are in the market for a good real estate loan.

Peer-to-peer lending is probably one of the oldest forms of business known to mankind and the fact that it’s still foundational to the lending industry proves its value and the fact that it is a solid, dependable way of doing the business of loaning hard money in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and other California locations.

It looks like the companies I mentioned above – Airbnb, Uber and Lyft – have a great chance at being very successful. Ultimately, their success will depend on their ability to provide a great service to both sides in the peer-to-peer relationship. That’s exactly the way it is in the lending industry as well, and I think our years of experience prove that Evoque Lending is doing a great job meeting the expectations of both our borrowers and our investors. Let me give you some of the fundamentals on how we do this.

Hard money loans solve problems

We generally work with borrowers who, for some reason, have had a problem securing a real estate loan from a bank or conventional lender. There are many reasons this can happen, and in today’s market, a lot of solid borrowers may find themselves in this situation.

Often when this happens it threatens a real estate transaction and the potential borrower needs a solution quickly. At Evoque Lending we can approve hard money loan borrowers in one day and fund their loans in as few as seven to 10 days.

We understand that we’re here to help people solve their problems and achieve their goals, and we have the expertise and systems in place to do this in the most efficient manner possible.

Now, looking at the peer-to-peer relationship from the other side, Evoque Lending works with hard money, first trust deed investors to connect them with the right borrowers and be sure that everything is in place to give them the security they need on their investment.

The basic and most important principles for securing the safety on these California hard money loans is twofold:

– Assuring that investors have some 40 percent protective equity on every hard money loan, and

– Vetting borrowers to be certain that they have both the means and willingness to make their payments.

When those two things are in place, our investors can achieve the level of safety they need, all the while enjoying a double-digit return on their money.

Good service equals success

So I wish the best of luck to all the new peer-to-peer businesses that seem to be starting each month. At Evoque Lending we know that if they provide a good service, they should do well.

Finally, how about you? Are you doing okay? Are you looking for an investment that will deliver a double-digit ROI? Or are you trying to finance a real estate deal and are getting the runaround from a bank or conventional lender?

In either case, a California hard money loan through Evoque Lending can be your solution. Please give me a call or drop me an email that outlines your situation and let us take it from there.