The Financial Secret That Can Change Your Life

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Do you see property ownership as a major contributor to the strength of your financial future?

This has traditionally been the case in the United States, and despite minor ups and downs, I bet that this wealth-building strategy will continue to reap major benefits for individuals and families.

I want to quickly share a powerful financial secret you need to know if you are considering a real estate purchase – your home or investment property – to grow your wealth. According to the IRS tax returns of the 400 people with the highest incomes for each year between 1992 and 2009:

• Less than 9 percent made their money through wages and salaries, putting wages and salaries at the bottom, and

• Almost 46 percent made their money through capital gains, putting capital gains in the top position for creating wealth.

Why home ownership is special

Let me say one more thing about real estate and this is specific to home ownership: Owning your own home is the only investment you can make that delivers capital gains, utility, memories and pleasure at the same time. You can’t eat or wear stocks and bonds, especially now that the days of paper shares are gone and they only exist in digital form!

By the way, capital gains realized through the appreciation of your home enjoy a special status with the IRS if at some point in your life you decide to cash in on them and move into a less expensive home. That’s not true for stocks and bonds.

Have you identified the ideal home that will serve these purposes in your life and the life of your family? If so, don’t let any conventional lender derail your plans. At Evoque Lending we know the power of home ownership and real estate investing and we’re in the business of making it happen.

If you have the ability to make payments – and you’re a good judge of this – and are eyeing a property with sufficient value, there’s a great chance we can say “yes” even if the bank has said “no.”

We can get you into your home and give you the breathing room to get your finances aligned so the next time you go to a conventional lender, they will approve your loan. We put time on your side.

Homeownership vs renting

We help Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco area homebuyers work their way through these kinds of situations all the time and it’s personally gratifying to see people who work hard finally be able to achieve their dreams. I might also say that in all the IRS statistics about the top incomes, I didn’t see anything that makes me think wasting money on rent month after month is ever a good idea if you want to build wealth.

You may be wondering if Evoque Lending can help you. There’s really only one way to find out: ask. We would love to learn about your situation and see if we can help. We work quickly; you’ll get your answer in about a day and we can have you loan funding in seven to 10 days.

It all starts with either a phone call or an email outlining your situation. It couldn’t be easier, contact us today.

PS – If you want to see the full report on the top 400 incomes, it’s online in this PDF.