Should Investing Be Like a Terrifying Thrill Ride?

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When the Rougarou roller coaster opens in Cedar Point, Ohio next year it will start by taking riders up 145-foot tall hill. Then it drops, makes a sharp turn and heads toward the water. Before it’s all over, there’s a 119-foot vertical loop, another loop that leans on a 45-degree angle and many more high-speed, high-thrill features.

If that appeals to you, you might have enjoyed owning some index fund investments this week. As I’m writing this, the Dow is down more than 230 points. This is just after the Dow set a record high five days ago. Even more interesting is the fact that “analysts” credited the record high to enthusiasm over tech stocks and today they’re crediting the slide on a loss in confidence in tech stocks. Apparently the view on tech stocks is like the weather: if you don’t like it, just wait a little while.

More than nickels and dimes

I might make a small joke by asking what’s the major difference between a roller coaster rider and a stock market investor? The guy on the roller coaster can only lose a little loose change from his pockets. However, that would be unfair to roller coasters – very few riders actually lose any coins.

Of course I recognize the importance of securities in investing, but in a balanced portfolio, there’s a lot to be said for investments that deliver steady and predictable earnings. And there are also times in our lives when we get tired of being jerked around by analysts who seem to have opposing recommendations.

If you would like to add a more stable investment to your portfolio, as well as one that delivers an enviable ROI, it’s time to investigate First Trust Deeds. At Evoque Lending we’ve been helping investors boost their yields via First Trust Deeds on California real estate for more than 15 years.

Safety and yields

Often we tend to think that safety and high yields are mutually exclusive qualities in the investment world. But when you look at how we work with investors to get them into First Trust Deeds, I think you’ll agree that these investments give you the degree of safety you need and the yield you want.

Let me briefly outline our multi-faceted approach to providing safety:

• Loan to value ratios do not exceed 65 percent.

• We thoroughly vet loan applications.

• We get the best, most accurate appraisals possible.

• We close through a licensed escrow company with title insurance.

• We ensure a solid “exit strategy.

Our investors are currently enjoying double-digit returns on their money. They receive monthly checks over the life of the First Trust Deed. Being able to rely on that regular source of income is a major bonus. Depending on where you are in life, it can be set aside to reinvest or can supplement your regular income.

If you don’t mind being turned upside down on a roller coaster, but prefer to avoid that experience with your investments, give us a call so we can explain how First Trust Deeds on Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco real estate can work into your investment plans.