Thousands and maybe millions of kids have read the Disney book “Robin Hood Saves the Day.” In it, Robin Hood and his buddy Little John rescue Friar Tuck from a dungeon.

Okay, this is an article about lending, so how does this relate? Interestingly enough, Friar Tuck was in a fix because he ran headlong into financial hot water—he hadn’t paid his taxes.

Our style may not be the same as Disney’s Robin Hood character—we wield money, not swords or bows and arrows—but often we’re able to “save the day” when a client of ours is suddenly facing a financial problem that needs a fast and efficient solution.

Banks and the credit crunch

People who have seen, heard or read any news on lending the last several years know that banks and mortgage companies have been making life difficult for borrowers. We’ve seen this all throughout California and often in loans for Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Francisco County—where we have a lot of clients.

The specific details change, but here are a couple of scenarios that may sound familiar:

• You’ve found the ideal property and know what a difference it would make in your life and the life of your family, but today’s credit requirements have knocked you out of the market for a traditional mortgage.

• It looks like everything is going great—you may have even started to box up your stuff in preparation for the move—when the lender tosses a monkey wrench into the deal at the eleventh hour.

Robin Hood to the rescue

These are the type of situations where we get to put on our Robin Hood outfits and swoop in to save the day. We are experts at providing fast, emergency bridge loans. We’ve all been in situations like these and sometimes the most important thing is to just get a little extra time.

That’s exactly what our short-term loans do for you. They allow you to get into the property you’ve been dreaming about for so long and give you the time to get organized and eventually work yourself into a conventional loan. We all know that when we’re allowed a little more time to work things out, we can get it done.

I’m starting to think about a few times in school when my life would have been a little easier had the teacher given me just a few more minutes to finish a test. But I digress…

As I said above, quickly and efficiently providing our clients with short-term loans is what we do. We have the knowledge and experience. We’re good at it and we take new borrowers through the process all the time, making it easy for them.

If a short-term loan sounds like it could solve your problem, we’d like to help. Give us a call today and we’ll get started.