I was reading an article in USA Today recently about the difficulties faced by people investing for their eventual retirement. The writer commented, “…you know that you should spend your days tracking your portfolio, trading frequently and, well, tracking your portfolio.”

He went on to point out the undeniable truth that many of us would prefer to be doing other things, such as enjoying a good book, traveling or pursuing our hobbies.

However, when your retirement funds are tied up in stocks, bonds, commodities and other market-based securities, the price fluctuations make close scrutiny a basic requirement if you want to be a good steward of your money.

Unanticipated price changes

And sometimes even checking in with your portfolio on an almost daily basis doesn’t cut it any more. With the rise of after-hours trading, investors can wake up in the morning and discover that some of their holdings took a big hit in the wee hours of the morning because of something that happened half way around the world.

These are among the reasons that many smart investors are including First Trust Deeds in their portfolios, whether they are investing for retirement or for general wealth creation. Currently, these investment instruments are delivering a double-digit return, which is very competitive with virtually any other investment you can make today. And frankly, that ROI beats most others by a wide margin.

The appeal of First Trust Deeds is that excellent return plus the fact that it extends over the entire term of the note. This gives you the ability to invest and then not have to worry about any ups and downs in the market. Further, when you’re investing in Evoque Lending First Trust Deeds, you have the ability to decide what term works best for your investment strategy.

Return and risk

We know that investors are always weighing risk against return, so let me briefly outline the proven measures we use at Evoque Lending to provide you the protection you need. First, we build a wide margin of protective equity into every First Trust Deed we offer. This is typically in the area of about 40 percent.

In addition to that, we do a thorough job vetting all borrowers to be certain they have the ability to meet their obligations. When the protective equity is in place and the borrower is sound financially, you get the assurance of safety that you require.

The professionals at Evoque Lending also understand that we are here to serve our clients. We have been successfully meeting the needs of investors and borrowers for more than 15 years and one of the keys to our success is to be focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service.

The information you need

As our client, you always have the final say on any investment you make and we provide you with all the information you need to make that call. I should also mention that not only do we serve individual investors, we work with trusts, lawyers and real estate professionals. That, I believe, is testimony to the standard of professionalism and customer service that we deliver at Evoque Lending.

If adding First Trust Deeds to your investment portfolio would be a new experience for you, I’m sure you have many more questions. I would be glad to give you the answers you need by phone, in person or via email. Contact me today so you can begin to move forward in a timely manner.