Open House Best Practices

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Done properly, open houses can be a powerful selling tool for real estate agents and clients. To generate interest and quality leads through an open house, there are some best practices that real estate agents can and should following leading up to and during an open house.


Getting the word out about an open house is vitally important. Here are a few tips for successful open house advertising campaigns:

  1. Combine the open house with other listings in the area. Consider advertising the open house with listings from other brokers to increase visibility.
  2. Post about the open house on social media a week before the open house, 3 days before the open house, and again the day of the open house. Your post should include all the informational details and a few talking points about the features of the home. For example, the post could include information about the quality of the lighting or the kitchen cabinets.
  3. Email your database about the open house. Your email should contain the same content as your social medial post.
  4. Email brokers that have sold homes in the price range and in the area – you’ll be surprised at how many real estate agents will send clients to an open house.

 Preparing for the Open House

  1. Place plenty of directional signs – it should be very easy for potential buyers to reach the open house.
  2. Stage the home. Recommend that your client remove any clutter and personal photographs, secure any valuables, and clean the home. Upon arrival, you should straighten up the home if needed. The goal is to allow potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space.
  3. Invite the neighbors via mailing or door advertisements. Neighbors are often interested in the home’s buyer and may have individuals in their network looking for homes in the area.

During the Open House 

  1. Remember to be professional – the exposure you get during an open house is not only beneficial for your client, but it is also an effective marketing tool to grow your business. You never know who will remember you and engage you in the future.
  2. If the open house is slow while you’re there, head out and knock doors in the neighborhood to remind the neighbors about the open house.
  3. Don’t worry about having food at the open house, but be sure to have water or drinks on hand
  4. Have information materials on your listing readily available.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about the home.

Holding a successful open house is an effective way to cultivate quality leads and grow your presence in the community, thereby growing your business. Give these best practices a try at your next open house!