If you have ever done business with Evoque lending then you already know this, and for those of you who haven’t, you need to read this and join the fortunate people who have discovered and have done business with Evoque lending. Because once you do, you are going to be glad and thankful you have found the best of the best for your Home Loan needs, and you will never go anywhere else when your home loan needs come up again.

This is exactly the case for me, I have used them before for my home loan needs and yet now again. And Mike Arnold who works for Evoque lending is my, and always will be my, go to man. Not only Mike but Evoque Lending on a whole is the one and only place you will ever need for any of your home loan needs, and you can thank Eddie Luhrassebi for putting together a business that is in a league all their own. And when it came to filling his staff, you can tell each a everyone of them were out of a very small circle to choose from and are clearly knowledgeable in what they do, and that is obviously a big plus.

But the real plus here is family, friendship, dedication and love of doing what they do, and that is making the home loan process enjoyable, relaxing, and the worry free confidence that you get. And that goes back to Eddie who obviously had a vision of how he wanted and what type of employees he wanted at his business. And in my case now my friend and family member at Evoque lending Mike Arnold. Although I have only exclusively done my business with Mike, and his knowledge, dedication and how he has treated me, I know, because of Mike, Eddie would not just have one like Mike working there. Obviously Eddie has carefully selected the very rare and hard to find people like this to staff his business.

I have not written any reviews on any of my home loans prior to the first time I used Evoque lending. And let me tell you I have had several home loans over my lifetime all for different homes and each time I used a different lender. Well, that has all ended since I found Mike at Evoque. I will never use anyone else or, for that matter, no other home lender either. Not only is Mike like a life-long friend, he is always looking out what’s best for me. And we stayed connected all through the process. He and I, not me and a company, that passes you from one employee to another and not one of them knows about you or what your needs may be or, even who you are. All you are to them is a dollar sign and just a rubber stamped number that’s making them money. And half the time you don’t even know how your loan is progressing, and if you’re getting the best rates you can, and that they are looking out for you or, just themselves and their bottom dollar.

Well, if you’ve dealt with a bank or big business lender then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now hopefully if you read my review you can end that just like I have. Just by picking up the phone or even just emailing Mike at Evoque Lending. And I guarantee, you will be completely amazed and happy you did, and you will see that there are still people out there that are like this, far and in between, but when you find them you stick with them, and that’s what I have found at Evoque Lending. Finally you are treated like a person and a friend not just a profit number, and you deal exclusively with one person throughout the whole home loan process and that person gets to know you and your needs, as well as what’s going to work best for you and your finances. Not only that, let’s say if getting your home loan has been less then positive with big lenders and it doesn’t work out, they won’t try anything at all to make something work, they just give you… “well that’s that! Thanks for calling,” because they feel they are not going to make as much money off of you by trying to find something that works.

Well I can tell you that is definitely not the case at Evoque, they will dedicate themselves to you to find something that will work for your situation, so that you can fulfill your dream of buying that first home or refinancing what you have at a better rate, whatever the case may be, they will help you accomplish what you need.

Now I could go on and on about how great they are at Evoque but hopefully I have expressed how truly thankful and satisfied I am with them, and especially with Mike, that you will give them a call. I can tell you this review is no bull___t, everything I stated is true not made up. And I was truly compelled to write this lengthy review because it’s such a rarity today to find a company that is far and above all others, and has the standards in life that you hold dear and true to your heart that they also do.

You want to know what’s even more rare? Me writing reviews that we’re good ones because I haven’t. But now for the first time in my life I have written two good ones both of them are for Evoque Lending.

In closing I want to give Mike Arnold at Evoque a special thanks from me… and Eddie too.

Nick S.
Pope Valley, CA