If Doctors Examined Us as Closely as Banks…

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Wouldn’t it be great if during your yearly physical your doctor would examine you as closely as your bank does when you apply for a mortgage?

The actual time our doctors spend examining us can usually be measured in minutes. It takes weeks – if not months – for banks to finish probing all the details of our lives. They want to see every shred of paper we have that relates to our finances.

We have to bring in pay stubs, leases, old tax forms – anything that has a dollar sign on it somewhere. They go online and pull reports on us. They leave no stone unturned, no matter how old or irrelevant the “stone” is.

And woe to the person who is unable to provide all the documentation the banks require! If that’s your fate, you leave the loan officer’s office feeling like you would feel if your doctor has just told you that you only had another three months to live.

But hey, our doctors and banks are the same in one way: they both keep us waiting for far too long.

What’s really important

At Evoque Lending we don’t know how to fix the health care system, but we do know how to fix your loan problems. If you’ve suffered through a bank or conventional lender’s diagnosis of “not qualified,” I think we have the cure. We understand what is important and it really comes down to two things:

 Your equity in the property, and

 Your ability to make payments.

At Evoque Lending, if you have those, I’m just about certain we can get you into the home you want to buy, or take care of the refinancing you want done.

In addition to that, unlike many medical centers and banks, we know that our clients come first. We are here to provide a service and to earn your repeat business and have you recommend us to your friends and family, to achieve that we must put your needs and convenience first. To be really honest, there are some doctors and some loan officers that make people feel they are doing a favor for their customers.

That’s backwards!

A fast, efficient and fair system

To meet your needs we do almost everything in-house. This allows us to get you an answer quickly – usually within a day. Further, we can generally get your loan funded in 10 days or less.

Because the value of the property and your ability to make payments are the important factors, your credit report is not important to us, so that’s not something you need to worry about.

I’m putting all of this out there so you won’t have any reservations about picking up your phone and giving us a call. Or you can jot down the details of your situation in an email and send it to us. We can arrange the term of your First Trust Deed to meet the requirements of your specific situation.

With more than 15 years of successfully providing hard money loans for Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco area real estate, I’m confident that we can help you out and that you’re going to be fully pleased with both the process and the results.