How to start down the road to a million-dollar listing

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Let me toss out three names and see if you can tell me what connects them:

– Josh Altman

– Josh Flagg

– Madison Hildebrand

No, these aren’t the alumni of some one-hit-wonder boy band; they’re the stars of BravoTV’s reality series, “Million Dollar Listing.”

That question may have been a little unfair, but I think you’ll ace my next question:

– Where is the setting for “Million Dollar Listing”?

Right, it’s set in the world of Los Angeles real estate.

Here’s how Bravo describes the show: “Million Dollar Listing” follows the lives of three of Los Angeles’ hottest, young, and aggressive real estate magnates in the making as they make a fortune….

Why am I discussing a cable TV reality show? Because it reflects one of the most important financial and wealth-making truths in the history of our country: Los Angeles and Orange County real estate has been turning ordinary people into millionaires for generations.

How to get started in real estate ownership

This is something that probably almost everyone knows, but the question that follows for many is, “How do I get into the game?” Sometimes watching a show like “Million Dollar Listing” can confirm your worst fears about Southern California real estate – that it’s controlled by a tight-knit club that doesn’t like to bring in new members.

And if you’ve been turned down for a loan by a bank or conventional lender, that reinforces the idea even more.

However, I bet that if you talk to some of the people who are buying and selling million- dollar properties on this show, many would tell you that they had to overcome bumps in the road as well. The key is to be persistent and refuse to take no for an answer.

Hard money loans help buyers

At Evoque Lending, we’re proud to have been able to help many homeowners buy their first property as well as help real estate investors build their portfolios. We do this by offering hard money loans on California real estate – usually in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco area.

The idea is simple: We can quickly approve and fund loans to help you close a real estate deal. Payments on the loans are interest only and they give you time to arrange for long- term financing, if you need it. We work with our clients to dial in the best loan term, including both short-term and longer-term loans.

The loan approval process

Our loans are based on your equity in the property along with your ability to meet your financial obligations. Many of our clients were denied bank loans solely because of their credit scores. We don’t do that at Evoque Lending. Further, we can approve applicants in 24 hours and get loans funded within seven to 10 days.

I won’t guarantee that you’ll find yourself as a buyer or seller overnight on “Million Dollar Listing,” but I will guarantee that you’ll never get to that position if you don’t get started.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest step and if you’d like to discover how we can help you take that first step, please call me today or drop me an email. We’ve done this for hundreds of others in your position. Why not you?