Every time we roll into a new year, the financial experts start looking into their crystal balls and make predictions about which investments will go up in price and which are likely to go down.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, but the outlook for traditional investment instruments in 2016 looks gloomy. An Associated Press roundup of opinions on the CNBC website carried the headline, “Expect less and buy antacid: 2016 investment forecasts.” The article detailed how U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, and bonds were all likely to be dogs in 2016.

I’ve scanned several of these kinds of articles in recent days and weeks and they are all about the same. However, there’s one notable exception to the “doom-and-gloom” picture, and that’s real estate. There aren’t any signals that the real estate market won’t continue to perform well for homeowners and real estate investors.

The important questions

The first question then becomes: Are you participating in the real estate market to your fullest potential? If you’re renting your home, the answer is no. If you aren’t expanding your real estate investment portfolio, the answer is also no.

And if you answered no to that question, my next question is the critical one: Why not?

If you’ve had trouble securing the funds required to either buy a home for you or your family, or to expand your real estate investments, a California hard money loan from Evoque Lending could be the answer.

Hard money loans, for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco area real estate – and California property in general – can be the ideal tool to get you into properties when a bank or other conventional lender turns you down. At Evoque Lending, we’ve been helping buyers and investors for more than 15 years and we’re proud of the financial successes our clients have been able to achieve.

Hard money loan approval

Solid borrowers often get denied loans at conventional lenders for reasons that really don’t make a lot of sense. An old problem on a credit report could bring down a credit score, or a bank may have an arbitrary limit on the number of loans it will make to any single real estate investor.

Who knows? Sometimes it seems like banks make up the rules as they go along. But at Evoque Lending the rules are simple. They are based on solid economic principals and are applied equally over all of our borrowers. Here’s what we look for:

– Sufficient equity in the property being borrowed on, and

– The ability and willingness to make payments.

In other words, for a hard money loan in California via Evoque Lending, we want to make sure that our borrowers are themselves “invested” in their properties and that they aren’t stretched too thin to keep up their payments.

Hard money loan benefits

Compared to 30-year bank loans, our interest-only loans are typically for shorter lengths of time. They are designed so borrowers can be approved and get their money quickly. This helps expedite real estate deals, prevents deals from falling through, and then gives owners the breathing space they need. Many of our clients are then able to get longer term, conventional loans when they are desired.

Finally, if you’re a renter, I strongly urge you to become a homeowner as soon as possible; it’s the most important step you can take to secure your financial future. And if you’re an investor, don’t let the market opportunities available today slip away from you.

Give me a call or send me an email outlining your situation and we’ll see how a California hard money loan through Evoque Lending can help you meet your goals.