Hard Money Predictability

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Have you ever watched one of those shows on a cable TV business channel where they have the heads of the investment “experts” stacked up on the screen like the old “Partridge Family” sitcom?

In the world of investing, the one thing that is more important than anything else is predictability. But, if you watch any of these shows, you’ll soon realize that there’s only one thing about what the experts say that is truly predictable—they always disagree.

One expert will see the healthcare sector going up in value in the coming weeks only to be followed by the next guy who says that he sees healthcare stocks slipping in the near term.

It leaves the less experienced investor who’s looking for a predictable return on his or her money in a quandary. However, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. The so-called experts get paid for offering their opinions. If they were all of the same opinion, we wouldn’t need more than one “expert”—would we? The rest of them could go get real jobs.

Getting off the roller coaster

Predictability has always been one of the attributes I’ve like most about investing in first trust deeds. When an investor’s money is tied up in stocks, futures or other volatile instruments, it is often a day-to-day roller coaster ride, and with realtime quotes via the Internet, it can be a minute-by-minute ride.

But if you’re investing in first trust deeds, once the investment is made, it’s a smooth ride. Each month, in a totally predictable manner, you receive payment for the interest on the loan. And with current interest rates, this payment can be quite substantial. Evoque Lending clients who are investing in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco real estate first trust deeds, are enjoy double-digit interest rates on their money.

Certainly there are times when individuals want to have some of their money in equities, but even then, it’s very wise to have a diversified portfolio that includes first trust deeds. Of course, as retirement age approaches, it becomes very smart to maximize the predictability of your portfolio’s monthly payout. First trust deeds are ideal in these situations.

A good IRA option

And since we’re on the subject of retirement, before I close this, I want to mention that it’s easy to include first trust deeds in your IRA strategy. Further, they can really help you achieve your goals more quickly—and predictably—than virtually any other investment today.

It’s always a pleasure for the team at Evoque Lending to see investors meet their targets and help families achieve the cash flow they need to maintain their lifestyle when they decide it’s time to retire.

There is, of course, much to be said about investing in California real estate first trust deeds and we would be glad to cover the topic in greater depth and answer all your questions. Please give us a call or send me an email.