What Hard Money Lender Los Angeles can do to Help You

Even if you just scan the headlines once a day or so you’ve probably seen a story outlining how ill-prepared most Americans are for retirement. The statistics are alarming. According to a 2014 survey done by the Employee Benefit Research Institute:

– Only 64 percent of Americans have saved any money to supplement their Social Security benefits, and…

– Even those with some savings don’t have enough, with about six in 10 having less than $25,000 in retirement savings.

We know that many fail at saving for retirement because they are living day-to-day. However, even people with higher incomes aren’t saving and the reason is surprising: it’s caused by our own success!

Dangerous complacency

Charles Sizemore, the chief investment officer of Sizemore Capital Management, recently told financial writer Jeff Reeves: “Life is pretty stable here, and we have basic safety nets in place. The countries with the highest savings rates tend to have little or no safety nets, and people are forced to fend for themselves in old age. So in a lot of ways, our success and stability have made us a little lax in our attitudes toward saving.”

Also, in some countries tucking away a portion of your income in a retirement account is required by law. We don’t have that in the United States, so greater personal financial discipline is required. The good news is that if you couple that discipline with a solid rate of return, you solve the retirement savings dilemma.

Hard Money Loans for Retirement? Or Investment?

Many who realize they need to get serious about assuring their retirement finances don’t know that First Trust Deed investments are eligible for inclusion in IRAs, various kinds of 401(k) plans and other retirement instruments. And when you consider the rate of return First Trust Deeds deliver and the stability of those rates over time, you’ll discover that First Trust Deeds can make a huge, positive impact on your retirement savings.

Experienced hard money lender

At Evoque Lending we have been helping individuals prepare for retirement and boost the ROI of their portfolios for more than 15 years. It is always amazing – and gratifying –to see one or our clients approach retirement years with enough savings and income to support their lifestyle and do the things they had been dreaming about for so long.

We focus our hard money loans in prime California areas: Los Angeles real estate, Orange County real estate and San Francisco area real estate. We are currently delivering solid double-digit returns on First Trust Deed investments. If you compound a great rate like that over time, you see how it propels the growth of your savings. Further, if you are already retired, or it’s just around the corner, First Trust Deed investments give you a steady monthly payment for the amount of the interest, and that is one of the best and most stable, predictable ways to supplement other retirement income.

Giving you investment security

The safety of your investment is our top priority at Evoque Lending. To achieve the safety you require we:

– Vet borrowers very carefully, making sure they have the ability to make their payments, and…

– Assure that there is sufficient “protective equity” in any property whose First Trust Deed you invest in – usually some 40 percent.

There is much more to say on the subject and if you are considering First Trust Deeds for your investment portfolio, I invite you to give me a call or drop me an email. And if you’re thinking about your retirement savings, remember that the other critical variable is “time”; the sooner you get serious about saving, the greater confidence you can have that you’ll be ready when the day arrives, so contact me today.

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