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Consider this before Spending your California Hard Money

Investors are always on the lookout for “the next big thing.” It’s an understandable human urge. We probably all know someone who bought Google/Intel/Apple (choose one) at $25…or least says he did.

Just a week or so ago I came across a headline in the LA Times that declared, “US moves to cash in on African economic promise.” The article was about companies investing in Africa. There’s some thought that Africa is the new Asia and that an economic boom is about to happen there.

For the sake of the continent and the global economy, I hope this turns out to be true. Wealth creation leads to more wealth creation, and we could all use a dose of that.

Just 6 percent growth?

One figure jumped out at me as I scanned the article. It said that the economy in the sub-Saharan African nations is expected to grow at a little less than 6 percent per year on average over the next 10 years.

Compared to the economic growth the US and other developed nations have experienced recently, that seems like a pretty robust number.

But when I hold it up to the double-digit growth our investors routinely get through 1st Trust Deeds at Evoque Lending, it’s not all that impressive. Maybe I should send a letter to Africa that asks, “Have you thought about investing in mortgage notes?” But I don’t know exactly who I’d address it to…

And, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by suggesting that investing throughout Africa remains a pretty high risk proposition. Despite the progress that has been made there, many of the governments and the infrastructure can be a bit questionable.

Invest closer to home

On the other hand, by offering investment opportunities backed by California real estate in desirable locations such as Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco area, Evoque Lending gives investors the kind of security that they require for their portfolios.

As a Direct Hard Money Lender, we navigate the process. Not only do we work with individual investors, we are experienced with trusts, real estate professionals, retirement accounts and more. Our formula for success gives investors the high – and predictable – ROI that delivers a level of growth that is beyond the ability of other investment vehicles.

We ensure safety for our investors by insisting on a minimum of 35 percent in protective equity for every loan we write. In addition to that, we work with the best and most experienced appraisers. This gives investors the confidence they need.

No minimum investment 

Further, we don’t have any minimum investment amount and we’re able to tailor the terms to meet the needs of our investors; terms can be anything from three to 84 months. I also think you’ll like the way we’re able to set up convenient monthly disbursements.

So before you go out and buy a whole new safari wardrobe and head to Africa hunting for the next big investment opportunity, I suggest you start your search a little closer to home. Give us a call at Evoque Lending or send us an email so we can show you how to grow your money by investing in 1st Trust Deeds. As a hard money lender in California, we can present you with profitable investment opportunities.

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