A Story From the Trenches

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There are a lot of great things that the Internet has done for our modern lives and certainly more than a few problems that it has caused as well. Wouldn’t you agree?

But when it comes to real estate and lending, we think the Internet has provided consumers with some very valuable services. Hey, you’re reading this on the web, right?

As much as we love our site and our blog, we know that there are a few bigger and more important real estate and lending websites out there. We’ve been especially fascinated watching sites like Zillow.com and Trulia.com boom in size and popularity in recent years.

Trulia has a feature it calls “Trulia Voices” that gets a lot of use in various local real estate markets. Everybody—buyers, lenders, sellers, real estate agents—post questions and offer answers in Trulia Voices. It’s like a series of local online communities where people search for solutions to their problems.

This really happened

Quite often you’ll find a post like this one we recently noticed:

“My parents ruined my credit. I found a nice house for $114,000. I would have…cash for a downpayment and have (owned) a new car since june 2012 and have never been late (on a payment).”

This prospective home buyer is running into dead ends as he tries to get his dream house. We can see from what he wrote that he’s a victim of something other people did (his parents) as well as the current tight lending situation. We also see that the home he wants is very reasonably priced, that he has a good history of making payments on his car and that he’s managed to save up for a down payment.

He needs to solve this problem and solve it quickly; who knows how long that house at that price will stay on the market. These are the kinds of situations where Evoque Lending excels.

The right loan, right on time

We specialize in getting money to folks who need a shorter-term loan to help them blast through a problem that’s preventing them from achieving their goals. It’s reassuring to see how the right amount of money, delivered in a timely manner, can be exactly the solution that you’re looking for.

When you check out the Truia Voices pages for real estate in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County—or really any California community—you’ll find situations like the one we described above. However, you probably won’t find a home selling for $114,000!

Whether you’re a buyer or a real estate agent, if a fast, short-term loan seems like it could solve your problem and help you move things forward, contact of our office and take advantage of our years of experience.