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How California Hard Money Lenders Help the Fight for Financial Security

Sometimes the “noise” of the day-to-day news cycle keeps us from seeing the bigger trends in life, and I think this truth applies to the financial world more directly than almost anywhere else. For example, when the economy takes a downturn, it seems … Read More…

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California Hard Money Investing: Discover the Power of ‘Fixed Income’

In the popular press today, almost every time you see the label “fixed income” it goes with a negative story – often about retired people trying to live on an income that’s basically fixed to the amount of social security they receive each … Read More…

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Winning in the global economy with a California hard money loan

Even the casual follower of economic news today has an idea of how interconnected the global economy is, and few stories are as important as those that deal with China. We’ve heard a lot about the economic woes of the Chinese economy, but … Read More…

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